TSK Steriject Needle Low Dead Space | Different sizes | Box with 100pc.

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TSK Steriject Needle Low Dead Space Needle

TSK Low Dead Space Hub is designed with a new, patented Low Dead Space needle hub that reduces the effective space left in the needle hub. The new LDS design results in savings of up to 0.08ml per hypodermic needle, while a normal hypodermic syringe with a standard needle has an average dead space of nearly 1ml. With the effective design of the TSK Low Dead Space Hub, the needle provides near zero product loss and significant cost savings when injecting expensive drugs or valuable vaccines. In addition, the needle aims to deliver new solutions that improve patient safety and comfort. The TSK Low Dead Needle Hub is made of an extremely hard, externally threaded polymer hub that provides an even tighter "luer lock" connection. This helps prevent bending, leakage and the possibility of the hub "popping off" when exposed to high pressures.

Improved patient experience

TSK needles have changed the way needles are used to treat patients by providing greater precision, comfort and efficiency for the entire process from start to finish.

  • Minimal bruising
  • Almost painless injection
  • Better overall experience for the patient
  • Save up to 0.08 ml BoNT per needle
  • Significant cost savings
  • Box with 100 pieces


TSK is manufactured by the TSK Group, a Japanese company founded in 1948. TSK focuses on providing safe, high-quality products that enable physicians and medical professionals to provide the best possible treatments to their patients. TSK develops new technologies and product innovations for the aesthetic market and is particularly known for its needles and cannulas.

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