TEOXANE Post Procedure | Special care for aesthetic interventions

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Artikel: Teoxane Post Procedure

Hersteller: Teoxane Ceuticals

Packungsinhalt: 200 ml

Indikation: Post Treatment 

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TEOXANE Post Procedure

Teoxane Post Procedure is a soothing post-treatment liquid solution that protects and calms the skin after aesthetic procedures. The solution was developed to improve the recovery process after aesthetic treatments. This product contains ingredients such as Arnica, a natural extract with anti-inflammatory properties, Anterticin, which supports the healing process, Neutrazene, which reduces skin inflammation, and Chlorhexidine Digluconate, which contains bacteriostatic agents. This Teoxane product is ideal for soothing irritated skin and supporting the healing process after treatment, as well as protecting the skin from damage. Teoxane Post Procedure can be used after procedures such as fillers, peels, Botox and laser.


Apply Teoxane Post Procedure generously to the treated areas directly after the aesthetic procedure (e.g. wrinkle injections, peeling, laser). To support recovery, Teoxane Post Procedure should be applied in combination with Deep Repair Balm for at least the first five days after the procedure.

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