SRS™ Expert Meso Roller 2.0 mm

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Artikel: SRS Expert Meso Roller 2.0 mm

Hersteller: SRS International S.P.R.L.

Packungsinhalt: 1 Roller per Box

Indikation: Mesotherapie

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  • Treatment of all skin types
  • Easy handling with minimal risk
  • Treatment of all skin areas possible (scalp, face and body)
  • Combination with laser or chemical peeling possible
  • Healing process within a few days
  • No increased sun sensitivity after treatment
  • No permanent damage to dermis
  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis and activation of the 
  • Circulation through "micro-channels (mech. effect)
  • Transdermal delivery system through the micro channels allows deep penetration of SRS cocktails and active substances 


SRS Expert Meso Roller - The insertion of the ready-made SRS cocktails and own cocktail mixtures takes place with the help of a SRS Expert Meso Roller exactly where they can develop their highest effect. In the process, 540 diamond-cut needles made of surgical steel open up a thousand evenly distributed micro-openings through which the active ingredients can penetrate the dermis. The "micro-injuries" additionally stimulate the blood circulation and stimulate the collagen synthesis of the skin.

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