SRS™ Chroma Light

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Artikel: SRS Chroma Light

Hersteller: SRS International S.P.R.L.

Packungsinhalt: 50 ml

Indikation: Anti-Aging Tagescreme 

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SRS™ Chroma Light

SRS Chroma Light is a nourishing and restorative anti-aging day cream to reduce and protect against new formation of hyperpigmentation and dark skin spots with SPF 50.

  • Reduces existing hyperpigmentation (melasma) and skin spots
  • Prevents the formation of new pigments and dark skin spots
  • Lightens the complexion and has a mattifying effect
  • Rebuilds the body's own collagen
  • Provides an even and radiant complexion
  • Protects against UV rays with sun protection factor 50

Glycerin has an impressive hydrating effect (even stronger than urea), protects the natural skin barrier and promotes skin elasticity. Due to the enormously high water-binding capacity, the uppermost skin layers, the callus (stratum corneum), are optimally supplied with moisture. Dry skin and skin susceptible to inflammation is avoided. The skin regains its tone and elasticity.

Isoflavone liposomes reach the deepest layers of the skin in a targeted manner through innovative liposome microencapsulation, where they very effectively stimulate collagen synthesis, thus rebuilding the dermis and epidermis from within. The skin thickness, which decreases with the aging process, is thus successfully prevented.

Lactokines reduce the skin's melanin production, lighten hyperpigmented skin areas and brown spots. The body's own skin protection system is supported and revitalized.

Citokine growth factors ensure healthy cells and support tissue repair mechanisms.

Aloe Vera promotes healing of skin irritations and inflammations caused, for example, by excessive sun exposure or other harmful environmental influences. It refreshes the skin and deeply moisturizes it.

Bellis Perenis (daisy extract) inhibits tyronsinase and additionally blocks the transport of melanin to the keratinocytes of the tissue, making the skin brighter and more even.

Titanium oxide sunscreen factor 50 is oil-free, so it does not clog pores and is hypoallergenic; SPF 50.



To reduce hyperpigmentation and dark skin spots, Chroma Light is applied thinly to affected areas every morning, year-round, depending on skin needs and treatment. 
Chroma Light can also be applied extensively to the face and neck to protect against re-pigmentation and as a sunscreen.

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