SoftFil Skin Roller Face 0.3 mm

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Artikel: SoftFil Skin Roller Face 0.3 mm

Hersteller: Soft Medical Aesthetics

Packungsinhalt: 1 Roller per Box

Mikronadeln: 540

Indikation: Mesotherapie

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SoftFil Skin Roller - Mesotherapy - Microneedling

SoftFil Skin Roller - The insertion of ready-made mesotherapy cocktails and own cocktail mixtures is done with the help of a SoftFil Skin Roller exactly where they can develop their highest effect. In the process, 540 diamond-cut needles made of surgical steel open up a thousand evenly distributed micro-openings through which the active ingredients can penetrate the dermis. The "micro-injuries" additionally stimulate blood circulation and stimulate collagen synthesis in the skin.
Micro-needling therapy uses a natural method to stimulate skin cells to produce elastin and increase collagen production. SoftFil Skin Roller reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves dermis thickness and skin appearance. This therapy is efficient against skin aging, scars, pigmented and sun damaged skin, and large pores.


  • Treatment of all skin types
  • Easy handling with minimal risk
  • Treatment of all skin areas possible (scalp, face and body)
  • Combination with laser or chemical peeling possible
  • Healing process within a few days
  • No increased sun sensitivity after treatment
  • No permanent damage to the dermis
  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis and activation of blood circulation through "micro-channels (mech. effect)
  • Transdermal delivery system through the micro channels allows deep penetration of SRS cocktails and active substances 


1. Preparation

Remove make-up and clean the skin thoroughly. Disinfect it with an antiseptic solution. 

2. Anesthesia of the skin

If the skin is sensitive, an anesthetic cream can be applied locally to the area to be treated. Follow the instructions for use of the anesthetic cream. Remove it thoroughly afterwards. Disinfect again. Do not apply anesthetic cream on and around the eyes.

3. Application of the active ingredients

If you want to combine micro-needling therapy with cosmetics, apply the product containing active ingredients evenly on the treated area. The action of the micro-needles promotes deep penetration of the cosmetic active ingredients into the skin.

4. Treatment

Start rolling the head of the SoftFil Skin Roller, vertically from top to bottom, horizontally from left to right and diagonally, while applying constant pressure. Do not apply too much pressure. Avoid contact with eyelids and red lips.

5. After treatment

After the treatment, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing, restorative and nourishing mask or cosmetic to the stimulated area. Dispose of the roller after use. 

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