SoftFil Needle 30G 13mm

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Artikel: SoftFil Needle 30G 13mm

Hersteller: Soft Medical Aesthetics

Packungsinhalt: 100 Stück

Nadel: 30G 13mm

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SoftFil Needle 30G 13mm | The Expert Range of Needles

Inspired by the design of the SoftFil® Precision microcannulas, the SoftFil® needle range enables the practitioner to overcome potential challenges, such as difficult treatment areas, the need for different degrees of flexibility and the handling of different filler viscosities.
These needles are ideal for localized and precise injection or bolus injection, point by point.

Graduate design for more precision

Graduations in each centimeter are a unique way to identify the exact position of the needle tip for a safer and more precise injection.

Clear orifice indicator for more control

The red dot on the base indicates the position of the product outlet to control distribution with maximum precision.

Luer lock base for more resistance

The base of the SoftFil® cannula is specially designed for a reinforced connection with the cannula, which favors the daily work of the esthetician

Features and benefits

  • Centimeter scale on the stainless steel tube to control the injection depth
  • Red dot on the hub to indicate the slanting position
  • Special surface treatment for perfect gliding
  • Female luer lock screw system

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