SoftFil EasyGuide 25G 50mm Microcannulas

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Experience a new way of safe injections. SoftFil® EasyGuide is available in different lengths and diameters.
Discover now the new, international patent pending SoftFil® EasyGuide, a revolution in cannula injection as a new step in your expertise. With its distinctive, unique V-shape, the SoftFil® EasyGuide ensures the physician an ideal view of the injection point to be reached. This pilot "needle" combines the gesture of creating a pilot hole (puncture site) and injection with the microcannula.
The injection is facilitated, for a good comfort of your patient.

Available in boxes of 20 sterile kits each consisting of a blunt microcannula and an EasyGuide pilot needle.


  • Facial Contour
  • Hands
  • Decolleté

SoftFil EasyGuide

  • Distinctive 'V' shape for easy, gentle, precise injections
  • Perfect tool for quick, safe, and effective injections that 
  • Minimizes tissue damage, hematoma or swelling
  • Designed for optimal use
  • Red marking dot on the luer lock indicates the location of the exit port in the cannula
  • Natural results due to more homogeneous distribution of product
  • Minimized risk of hematomas
  • Less tissue injury and trauma due to rounded ends
  • Less pain during treatment

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