SoftFil Classic 22G 50mm Microcannulas

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Größe: 22G

Länge: 70 mm

Innenmess: groß (dünne Wand)

Technik: Volumenaufbau, Nappage, Straffung

Zonen: Tränenrinne, Unterkiefer, Wangen, Konturen, dunkle Ringe, Kinn

Einfügepunkten: zygomatisch, nasolabial

Einstichtiefe: tief bis mittel (Periostium, tiefe Dermis und Hypodermis)

Packungsinhalt: 20 Kanülen mit 20 Vorstechnadeln

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The SoftFil Classic product range offers you microinjection cannulas with standard Luer lock for all filler products and clinical applications. It has been developed on the basis of innovative high-tech processes and meets the needs of demanding users who want to use the well-known and less traumatizing soft filling technique for their injections.


  • Available in different lengths and diameters
  • Natural results due to more homogeneous distribution of the product
  • Minimizing the risk of hematomas
  • Less tissue damage and trauma due to rounded ends
  • Less pain

Package content: 20 cannulas with 20 pretube needles


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