Revanesse® Shape 2 x 1.0 ml

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Artikel: Revanesse® Shape

Hersteller: Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc.

Konzentration: 25 mg/ml HA

Packungsinhalt: 2 x 1 ml

Indikation: Volumenaufbau, Gesichtskontur, Remodellierung

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Revanesse Shape

Revanesse ® Shape is a hyaluronic acid derma filler designed to treat deep tissue areas for projection, volumization and lifting. Revanesse ® Shape is ideal for reducing wrinkles, very deep wrinkles and lifting areas such as glabellar lines, cheeks, bridge of the nose, chin and jaw. The filler should be injected into the supra-periosteum.

Revanesse ® Shape is the highest viscosity hyaluronic acid gel for shaping and volumizing deep tissue areas. Revanesse ® Shape is ideal for augmentation of deep tissue and supra-periosteum, providing projection and lifting.

The result with Revanesse ® Shape is a more contoured and refined appearance, perfect for enhancing the patient's natural facial features.


  • Chin area
  • Jaw area
  • Cheek area
  • Nose area
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Glabellar wrinkles

The Revanesse product family

The Revanesse family of products is a collection of injectable dermal fillers used to treat signs of aging.
The products are designed to smooth lines and wrinkles, sculpt and contour facial features, and add volume, creating a more youthful appearance.
The Revanesse family of products incorporates the latest advances in cross-linking technology, resulting in a high-quality, safe and long-lasting dermal filler.
The hyaluronic acid used in Ravanesse is naturally integrated into the tissue, leaving the skin looking healthy and natural.

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