Rainbow Threads | COG 6D 19G 100mm L-Type Kanüle | 20stk.

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Rainbow Threads | COG 6D 19G 100mm L-Type Kanüle | 20stk. Im Warenkorb

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Rainbow Threads - COG 6D with L-Type cannula

COG 6D are PDO threads with bi-directionally arranged barbs in a blunt cannula. They have a high tensile force with which the tissue can be pulled in the desired direction. Bi-directional means that the barbs alternate segmentally in both directions. 6D stands for 6 hooks arranged in a spiral every 90 degrees around the thread. This special arrangement fixes the tissue in all directions and prevents the skin from sinking. The blunt, atraumatic L-type cannula significantly minimizes hematoma and edema during treatment.

The resorption time of the COG 6D sutures is approx. 24 months.


  • Cheek and jaw area
  • Forehead and temple area
  • Eyebrows


  • Immediate result
  • Facelift without surgery
  • Long-lasting result
  • Without anesthesia
  • Biocompatible, absorbable (degradable) threads

Pack contents

  • 20 pcs.

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