Mesosculpt C71

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Brief description:

Breve descripción:

Artikel: MesoSculpt C71

Hersteller: AGB LAB LLC

Packungsinhalt: 1 x 1.0 ml

Nadel-/Kanülen: Nadel nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten

EMPFOHLENE NADEL: 32 G (0,23 × 6/13 ММ)

Article: MesoSculpt C71

Manufacturer: AGB LAB LLC

Package content: 1 x 1.0 ml 

Needle/Cannula: Needle not included in delivery 

RECOMMENDED NEEDLE: 32 G (0,23 × 6/13 ММ)

Artículo: MesoSculpt C71

Fabricante: AGB LAB LLC

Contenido del paquete: 1 x 1.0 ml 

Aguja/cánula: La aguja no está incluida en el suministro

AGUJA RECOMENDADA: 32 G (0,23 × 6/13 ММ)

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MESOSCULPT C71 - for perfect contours of the face and neck

Mesosculpt C71 is a preparation that affects adipose tissue at the genetic level. Mesosculpt C71 controls the formation and activates the resorption of fatty tissue. Thus, Mesosculpt C71 restores the contours of the face and neck. 
Under the influence of gravity, as well as due to the influence of external factors on the internal processes of the body, the shapes and volume of the face change. Scientists of the American ABG laboratory have invented a revolutionary drug to restore the youthful contours and oval of the face without surgery, without damaging blood vessels, nerves and muscles. MESOSCULPT C71 (Mesoscalpt) is a new generation injectable drug for medical purposes (lipomodifier) that can competently control adipose tissue in the subcutaneous fat. The action occurs due to the modification of all the main life processes of adipose tissue: the appearance of new fat cells and their enlargement is blocked and the processes of effective reduction of adipose tissue without destruction are activated!


  • Face
  • Neck

Mesosculpt C71 EFFECTS

The main active ingredient of Mesosculpt - LipoBlock XP2 - is a unique patented complex consisting of specially selected cosmetic ingredients in balanced proportions. In fat tissue, LipoBlock XP2 reduces the size of each fat cell without destroying it, unlike other substances called lipolytics. These are safe and work longer. In addition, Mesosculpt lipoblock prevents the formation of new fat cells and their increase in volume. This effect does not exist in any other drug used to reduce the volume of fat tissue.

The second active ingredient, hexapeptide 17-peptide, removes excess fluid from fatty tissue, further reducing its volume and size.

The effect of Mesosculpt C71 can be compared to the natural reduction of adipose tissue volume during active physical activity, which is absolutely safe for the health and other vital functions of cells.


  • The only drug on the market that effectively and safely regulates all processes in adipose tissue, effectively leading to long-term volume reduction.
  • The unique composition of LipoBlock XP2 - unlike the known lipolytics, does not destroy the fat cell
  • The result - the improvement of the contours and oval of the face - is noticeable after the first application
  • There is no rehabilitation period
  • Does not require constant injections
  • Patented drug that has undergone numerous clinical trials
  • There are no analogues on the market
Als Verkäufer möchten wir darauf hinweisen, dass die Injektion von Produkten mit und ohne Lidocaine nur von geschultem und medizinisch qualifiziertem Personal, dazu zählen das Heilgewerbe und das Gesundheitswesen, durchgeführt werden sollte. As a seller, we would like to point out that the injection of products with and without Lidocaine should only be performed by trained and medically qualified personnel, which includes the healing profession and health care. Como vendedor, nos gustaría señalar que la inyección de productos con y sin Lidocaína sólo debe ser llevada a cabo por personal capacitado y médicamente calificado, esto incluye el comercio de curación y el servicio de salud.

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