Jalupro® Revitalizing Body Cream

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Artikel: JALUPRO® Revitalizing Body Cream


Packungsinhalt: 200 ml

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JALUPRO® Revitalizing Body Cream

The aim of Jalupro® Revitalizing Body Cream is to fight the signs of aging: 
It helps fight the first wrinkles and deep lines, improves tone as well as skin elasticity.
The unique amino structure formula used in treatments with Jalupro® is now also available in cosmetic products.
Jalupro® Revitalizing Body Cream combines amino acid with hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin right into the wrinkles.

Active ingredients:

  • 2% L-Amino acid
  • Hyaluronic acid


  • 1-2 times daily
  • on cleansed skin

Jalupro ® 

The product innovation of experienced dermatology laboratories to effectively fight skin aging and restore a youthful appearance: Jalupro®.
Excellent efficacy against the main signs of skin aging through antioxidant and biostimulant building blocks. The best combination for effective rebuilding of various cell and tissue structures consists of amino acid and hyaluronic acid. With advancing age and due to exogenous factors, the number and activity of fibroblasts in the dermis decreases. The skin loses tone, elasticity, radiance and increasingly wrinkles, furrows as well as loss of elasticity become apparent. Fibroblasts produce collagen using an important nutrient carrier: amino acids ( glycine, L-proline, L-lysine ). These are essential to maintain and build strong. Jalupro® maintains exactly this strong combination of building aids in an optimal combination and thus activates the reduced and decreasing fibroblast activity. It is interesting to note that hyaluronic acid, in addition to its moisturizing properties, contributes synergistically with amino acids to the prevention of free radicals and thus consistently counteracts cellular senescence.
Clinical studies of dermatological laboratories have shown that this combination brings a demonstrable and visible improvement of the skin and its appearance. Thus, there is a reduction of wrinkles and an increase in skin elasticity. The skin radiance returns and gives a healthy, fresh appearance.

The best combination for skin building: Jalupro® and  BioReHydra Post Treatment Serum

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