Juvederm Ultra 2 2x 0.55 ml

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Artikel: Juvéderm® ULTRA 2

Hersteller: Allergan

Konzentration: 24 mg/ml

Packungsinhalt: 2x 0,55 ml Fertigspritze

Nadel-/Kanülen: 2x 30G ½

Indikation: Leichte bis mitteltiefe Falten

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Juvéderm® Ultra 2

Juvederm Ultra 2 from Allergan is a dermal filler suitable for the treatment of initial wrinkles and contouring of the nose and lips. It is particularly suitable for the correction of fine to moderately deep wrinkles. The local anesthetic Lidocaine contained in the gel increases the comfort of the treatment for both the attending physician and the patient. It is also used for the treatment of cheek wrinkles, horizontal forehead wrinkles and wrinkles between the eyebrows. Juvéderm Ultra 2 features a smooth consistency and is easy to inject into the skin. It supports the natural feel and look of the skin after treatment and restores new volume and contour. Softgel implants provide a natural-looking fullness effect that lasts up to 18 months. Patients can notice a difference after just one treatment. Juvéderm Ultra 2 compensates for the loss of hyaluronic acid in the skin during natural aging. By moisturizing the skin from the inside out, the skin's firmness and tone are restored


  • Eye area
  • Hand
  • Chin area
  • Creases and Marionette wrinkles
  • Crow's feet
  • Lips
  • Mentolabial folds and Nasolabial folds
  • Corner of the mouth
  • Nose area
  • Forehead area
  • Cheek area

Juvederm Ultra

Juvéderm® ULTRA is a soft, supple gel available in three different strengths. It is suitable for treating the first fine lines to deep, pronounced wrinkles. It is also popular for beautifying and enlarging the lips. 
Juvéderm® ULTRA represents the modern generation of hyaluronic acid fillers from ALLERGAN, a global leader in non-surgical and surgical aesthetic treatments. ALLERGAN's products contain a special form of hyaluronic acid that mimics the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid found in your skin. It is a biodegradable gel that flows easily and smoothly into your skin, instantly filling in those troublesome wrinkles. This gives your face a soft and natural look, as well as extra tone. You will see a difference after just one treatment.

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