Jalevel Meat Hydravit 10x5ml

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Artikel: Jalevel Hydravit

Hersteller: Innate Monaco Sarl

Packungsinhalt: 10 x 5 ml Vial

Indikationen: Feuchtigkeitsspendende Behandlung

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Jalevel Meso Hydravit

Revitalizing vitamin solution Jalevel® Meso Hydravit was developed for complex treatment of age-related skin changes.
Thanks to hyaluronic acid, which is a component of this solution, the skin replenishes its moisture reserves.
The vitamin and oligo-elements rich composition of the solution contributes to the restoration of health and beauty of the skin and normal cell metabolism, providing beneficial conditions for all important biochemical processes.
The composition of amino acids gives the skin new density and elasticity through the formation of new collagen and elastic fibers.
The multi-component solution of Jalevel Hydravit is aimed at treating aging skin with signs of photoaging and normal aging. After applying the solution, the skin can due to the balanced composition of active ingredients:

• Moisture and
• Regain radiance

Jalevel Meso Hydravit can be used in trichological treatments in the complex therapy of hair loss and hair damage. It normalizes cellular metabolism and promotes better nourishment of hair follicles.
Jalevel Meso Hydravit can also be used as an additional active therapy for the treatment of problems with hair and scalp caused by nutrient deficiency, improper nutrition, severe stress, etc.
To restore the vitality of hair and scalp, the solution is used as a monotherapy or in combination with Jalevel® Meso Hair Treatment.
Jalevel Meso Hydravit can be used to treat all areas of the skin in need of revitalization, moisturization and rejuvenation.
Jalevel® Meso Hydravit can be injected by microneedling, via mesoroller or mesopen and non-invasive transdermal delivery systems.

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