Hyalax HA Moisturizing Mask - 5 pieces

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Brief description:

Breve descripción:

Artikel: HA Moisturizing Mask

Hersteller: CITC Cosmetology

Packungsinhalt:  5 Masken

Indikation: Post Treatment, Skincare

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Hyalax HA Moisturizing Mask - 5 pieces

Hyalax HA Moisturizing Mask is a highly active moisturizing and regenerating face and neck mask.

Formulated with micromolecules of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, Hyalax HA Moisturizing Face Mask is ideal for post-treatment after aggressive medical cosmetic procedures such as injections, laser treatments and chemical peels. Thanks to its balanced and careful composition, the mask has an intensely moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin. The active complex for repair in the mask contributes to the normalization of tissue trophism, restores the density and elasticity of the skin.

Disaccharide-hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the tissues, stimulates firboblasts, restores the balance of the collagen and elastin synthesis process, which serves to restore skin tone and turgor, smoothes wrinkles both on the surface and in depth.

  • normalizes tissue nutrition
  • restores the density and elasticity of the skin
  • smoothes wrinkles
  • it is recommended for post-treatment after aggressive procedures
    (injections, laser, chemical peeling, microneedling, etc.)


1. Clean and dry face

2. Remove the mask and place it on the face

3. Leave the mask on for 30-40 minutes

4. Carefully remove the mask

5. Massage the face until the moisture is completely absorbed.

Als Verkäufer möchten wir darauf hinweisen, dass die Injektion von Produkten mit und ohne Lidocaine nur von geschultem und medizinisch qualifiziertem Personal, dazu zählen das Heilgewerbe und das Gesundheitswesen, durchgeführt werden sollte.

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