Hyalax Eye Contour 1x 5.0ml

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Artikel: Hyalax Eye Contour

Hersteller: CITC

Inhaltsstoffe: DMAE, Carnitin, Brenztraubensäure, Natriumhyaluronat, Acetylhexapeptid

Packungsinhalt: 1 x 5 ml Vial

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Hyalax Eye Contour

Hyalax Eye Contour - for active periorbital skin therapy. The solution contributes to visible thickening of the skin of the lower eyelid, evens out skin tone, neutralizes flaccidity and fine wrinkles, improves microcirculation and trophicity. Works effectively in treating edema of the lower eyelid.

Hyalax Eye Contour is also used in the complex therapy of hernias of the lower eyelids, as well as in treatments to restore the quality of the skin.


1. Therapy of the fine skin around the eyes:

  • against bags and circles under the eyes
  • against wrinkles, loss of elasticity, skin slackening and dehydration

2. Therapy of fading skin of face, neck, décolleté and hands:

A special composition of active ingredients of the cocktail helps to stop the aging process, as well as to restore the health and beauty of the skin

3. Wrinkle treatment

DMAE is a universal rejuvenating agent that initiates active synthesis of all dermal structures. It promotes thickening and skin improvement. It restores healthy turgor and skin tone by stimulating fibroblasts. It has a noticeable lifting effect



Carnitine is a powerful antioxidant and also a source of energy for cells. It promotes the flow of all biological reactions, ensures the synthesis of new fibers and the rapid regeneration of the skin. 

Pyruvic acid

Pyruvic acid helps to rejuvenate the skin and activates synthesis of collagen and elastin. As a component of the natural moisturizing factor, pyruvic acid restores the natural water balance of the skin. 

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid has moisturizing properties, restores the viscosity of the matrix and the environment for the flow of metabolic processes. Starts skin repair and interacts with fibroblasts. 

Acetyl Hexapeptide 

Acetyl Hexapeptide is a peptide with botulinoma-like effect, smoothes fine wrinkles and skin folds, gives skin a radiant and healthy appearance



Hyalax Eye Contour is equally effective with MesoRoller as well as with cosmetology devices (Hyaluron Pen, cryolifting, microcurrents, ultrasound, etc.)

Therapy of the fine skin around the eyes
Once every 7-10 days, 4-6 applications, 1.0ml - 2.0m
Supportive treatment: once every 3 months 

Treatment of facial skin, neck, décolleté and hands
4 - 6 applications, once a week 
Supporting treatment: Once every 3 months

Recommended dosage:
Face, neck, décolleté : 2.0ml - 2.5ml

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