HERMOSA V PDO Threads | Mesh Faden | 20stk.

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HERMOSA V PDO Threads | Mesh thread with barbs L-TYP cannula

Hermosa V PDO Mesh Threads are used for deep wrinkles, areas such as forehead and nasolabial folds. Hermosa V PDO Mesh Threads are especially helpful for sagging areas of the face. The PDO thread also promotes skin elasticity. Insertion of the thread is facilitated by the L-type cannula.


  • Deep wrinkles
  • Nasolabial area
  • Forehead area

Hermosa V PDO

The 100% absorbable PDO threads are inserted under the skin with a fine cannula. This results in an increased build-up of the body's own collagen and fibrin right into the interior of the skin, resulting in a clearly visible and natural tightening of the skin structure. In addition, HERMOSA PDO Mesh Threads help to eliminate deep wrinkles.

Several areas can be treated at the same time during a thread lift. It is also possible to combine it with other applications such as hyaluronic acid wrinkle injections. Hermosa V PDO Mesh Threads last a long time, allow treatment with less bruising, as well as less swelling. The PDO thread is absolutely safe and does not cause irritation.

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