DermaHeal PTX Platinum SR

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Brief description:

Breve descripción:

Artikel: DermaHeal PTx Platinum SR

Hersteller: Caregen 

Packungsinhalt: 2 x 3 ml

Indikation: Skin Rejuvenating

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DermaHeal PTX Platinum SR | Skin Rejuvenating

DermaHeal PTx Platinum SR is a biological skin rejuvenation solution consisting of a high concentration of fast-acting patented peptides. The product is ideal for fighting skin aging by reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The formula of the solution contains PTx peptides (sh-pentapeptide-12 SP), growth factor and biomimetic peptide. Treatments with DermaHeal PTx Platinum SR should be performed once a week until the desired result is achieved. The treatment can be used in combination with other Caregen products such as Aquashine and CG Styler 600 to achieve even better results.


High-quality anti-aging care becomes even easier with DermaHeal. This care brand fights skin aging in a scientific way. Innovative active ingredients ensure the well-being of the skin and give it a youthful and fresh feeling. DermaHeal relies on the use of the latest growth factors and biomimetic peptides. DermaHeal by Caregen offers not only anti-aging cosmetics for the skin, but also highly effective products against excessive pigmentation and hair loss. So you can enjoy skin care products that are also particularly effective against inflammation. These products have already proven themselves in over 120 countries around the world.

Als Verkäufer möchten wir darauf hinweisen, dass die Injektion von Produkten mit und ohne Lidocaine nur von geschultem und medizinisch qualifiziertem Personal, dazu zählen das Heilgewerbe und das Gesundheitswesen, durchgeführt werden sollte. As a seller, we would like to point out that the injection of products with and without Lidocaine should only be performed by trained and medically qualified personnel, which includes the healing profession and health care. Como vendedor, nos gustaría señalar que la inyección de productos con y sin Lidocaína sólo debe ser llevada a cabo por personal capacitado y médicamente calificado, esto incluye el comercio de curación y el servicio de salud.

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